Maid of Honor – Janine Lipsky

Melissa's life-long (literally!) friend. Their friendship began in day care when they were several months old. Through elementary, middle, and high school, their friendship continued to blossom. Even though they went to different colleges and now live in separate states, their deep friendship has stayed strong. Melissa cannot imagine her wedding day without Janine standing by her side and is honored to have her as a Maid of Honor.


Bridesmaid – Christie Roche

Attending one odd English course about Celtic Literature at UConn was the start of a beautiful friendship for Christie and Melissa. Since then, their friendship has continued to grow. Melissa can always rely on Christie for a good laugh, an honest opinion, and great conversation. 



Bridesmaid – Dana Canelli

Dana and Melissa's friendship goes all the Way back to town youth softball. While growing up, Dana and Melissa played on several softball teams together. Melissa has always enjoyed Dana's bright spirit, kindness, and compassion. 



Best Man – Alex Karp

As his older brother, Alex has watched Hayden grow up and become the person he is today.  Hayden can count on Alex to share and recount the memories of their childhood, tell a hilarious joke, and quote movies. Alex was always the pioneer and Hayden has learned an immense amount of knowledge from his brother. Hayden is honored to have Alex serve as his Best Man.  


Groomsman – David Ceraso

Hayden has known Dave, Melissa's brother, for over four years. Hayden has come to view Dave as another member of his family. Some of the best times include hanging out in Brooklyn, playing various tabletop board games, and seeing each other at family gatherings.  



Groomsman – Jacob Marcek

Hayden and Jacob met during their freshman year in college and shared many of the same classes. After studying for the same exams and taking random class field trips to barns on the UConn campus, their friendship was completely solidified. Jacob is always good for a joke, a Dungeons and Dragons session, or a lively discussion about the latest in animal science.